Our Company

Gryphon Energetics was founded in 2014 to develop new and novel explosives for the Canadian market. Beginning with the first-ever binary exploding target manufactured in Canada which delivered more concussion and sound than existing products, Gryphon quickly went from part time cottage industry to full time corporation to keep up with demand. As development continued the line was rebranded as THUNDERSHOT® in early 2015 with THUNDERSHOT® Rimfire being introduced the following year. THUNDERSHOT® has remained Canada’s #1 selling exploding target brand and cemented our position in the marketplace.

In 2018, Gryphon Energetics became the exclusive importer and distributor of TAGinn airsoft and paintball pyrotechnics from Europe. Leveraging our core competencies as an explosives company, we are currently in the process of authorizing these unique and game-changing products for sale to the Canadian market.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver innovative, top-quality products and services that accomplish our clients’ goals and support their mission objectives. We will maintain our leading industry position with a focus on premium brands and unique services backed by unparalleled support, governed by our values of honesty, integrity, and respect in all aspects of our business. 

Driven by a passion for pyrotechnics, we are continuously pursuing new and exciting projects.

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